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Is Your Real Estate Agent “The One”?

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Finding the right real estate agent can be a process fraught with frustration. There is practically a real estate agent around every corner, so how do you know which one is “The One”?

Ask how long they have been in business

During that initial conversation with a potential agent, ask her how long she has been in the business. Or, if you’re researching agents, you can find out from the state licensing authority how long they’ve been in real estate.

If they haven’t been selling for at least 5 years, you may want to look elsewhere. While new agents may have a fresh perspective and some tools of technology you haven’t heard of before, many times the lack of experience hinders the agent from being able to get the job done well.

Ask how many properties they have closed in the past year

How many listings has the potential agent closed in the past 12 months? More closings not only means more experience, but it also weeds out the true career agents from the hobbyists.

There are more than a few agents who do it as a hobby. While it’s a great side-gig for them, they will be less motivated to work that extra bit to make a closing.

If an agent has had at least 25 closings in the past year, you can rest assured that they’re motivated enough to get you top results.

Look for a personality match

While you won’t actually be dating your real estate agent, it can sure feel like it some weeks. You may be spending several hours with him or her several days in a row. So, would you rather spend that much time with someone you get along with, or someone you just tolerate?

To learn about their work style, don’t meet them at the office. Good agents rarely stay in their office, so meet them in their element…the field…to see how they truly work.

You can always look to your friends for agent referrals as well. If your friend clicked with one agent in particular, there’s a good chance that you will as well.

Don’t shop around.

Interview a few real estate agents, but don’t shop around. In the time you take to shop around with numerous real estate agents, the prime properties on the marketing are getting plucked quickly off the market, leaving you with sloppy seconds.

Worse yet is having several agents working with you simultaneously. There will be so much confusion that the entire process could slow to a halt.

Research and find a few good ones, do your due diligence in interviewing them, and choose just one. And, as always, go with your gut – make a decision and stick with it.

Don’t work with the listing agent

Listing agents for a house can technically represent both the buyer and the seller. But whose interest comes first in the agents mind when they represent both the seller and the buyer? Their own! You want an agent that has YOUR best interests in mind!

So even if you get to chatting with an agent at an open house and you seem to click, resist the urge to work with them if you’re thinking of putting in offer on that home.

With some research and frank conversation, you’ll soon find the real estate agent that is the right fit for you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and CERTAINLY don’t be afraid to say no! Just like when you’re trying to find “The One” to spend your life with, you don’t want to waste your time on an agent that you know just isn’t a good match. After all, this could be your dream home at stake.

How did you know your real estate agent was “The One”? Share in the comments below!

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