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Time to go Shopping

You’ve done a lot of work to get to this point – now it is time to find the right property for you!

Set Up Your Search.

We can set up a personalized search for you directly through the MLS so you will receive homes that match your criteria as soon as they come on the market. As you mark homes as interested, we’ll be notified and will set up time, that works with your schedule, for you to see the home. If you prefer to not automate your search, you are welcome to send us individual addresses and we will organize and schedule showings for you. We generally advise clients to start their home search 3-6 months before their desired move date. There are of course always exceptions to this and home searches can move very quickly or very slowly. We’ll work to tailor a timeline to your specific situation to achieve an ideal purchase

Start Viewing Homes.

We are very flexible with scheduling when you are ready to go on showings. Adam is available on evenings and weekends. If there is ever time that he is not able to meet you, we have other agents ready to step in to help.

We want to maximize your showing experience as much as possible but have found that showing more than seven properties at a time can be overwhelming and make decision-making more difficult. If you would like to see more than 7 homes, we encourage you to break these showings into two days, prioritizing your most interested properties on day one.

In a hot market, we understand the importance of seeing a property as soon as possible.  Some list agents, however, require 24-hour notice. As a best practice, we encourage you to let us know about any properties you’d like to see so we can reserve time for you and request a showing in advance, if needed.

Putting Together Your Offer.

When you find a home and want to submit an offer we will send you a list of comparable properties in the area that have closed as well as our recommendation on value based on the comparables. You can review this information and ask any questions. If you decide to make an offer, we’ll need the below information:

  • Name(s) for the offer (need to match the pre-approval letter):
  • Initial offer price:
  • Earnest money amount:
  • Closing date (Typically 45 days out from the offer date, sometimes 30 or 60):
  • Do you need to include any closing cost credit?
  • And if you have not already sent it, we will need an updated copy of your pre-approval letter

We will prepare your offer and send it electronically to you for signatures. Once completed, we will submit the signed offer to the list agent of the property. It is typical for negotiations to begin at this point and we will keep you updated throughout the process, letting you know counter offers from the seller and discussing countering back. Once both sides are in agreement, we have a verbally accepted offer! We will then make final adjustments to the offer that was agreed upon in negotiations and have both the buyers and sellers initial and sign the updated contract.